NinjaFlex SemiFlex, The Latest NinjaFlex Filament

We just got our first batch of NinjaFlex SemiFlex in so we started testing how it works compared to the original NinjaFlex and other filaments.

Just like the original NinjaFlex 3D Filament, SemiFlex material boasts flexibility, strength and reliability for your 3D printing projects, and is slightly more rigid to expand your printing possibilities.

SemiFlex is best for the following types of projects:

  • High level of detail
  • Contain intricate parts
  • High resolution text
  • Unsupported vertical printing
  • Shock-absorption needed
  • Requires less flexibility than NinjaFlex Original 3D Filament


Printing With NinjaFlex SemiFlex

The first thing we noticed was when we started to load the NinjaFlex SemiFlex filament and we were able to just push it into the drive gear while it was loading on our Replicator 2 and it loaded without any issues. This makes it a lot easier to get started printing with flexible filaments than before because it just works.

As NinjaFlex SemiFlex filament is stiffer and more capable of being gripped by the extruder it also appears that you have more control over how far away you want the platform from the nozzle because it is capable of pushing the filament out with more force. This reduces the need to fine tune to a sweet spot where it sticks properly while having good flow.

NinjaFlex SemiFlex Performance

We found NinjaFlex SemiFlex to perform well all around, it was able to do detailed models such as the texture on the bear and the bridging as it prints the chain all while using standard PLA settings on a Replicator 2. It printed a very flexible stretchlet and when it is very thin like that there will not be a hugely noticeable difference between NinjaFlex SemiFlex and NinjaFlex original. Printing something like the bear will result in a print that is a lot sturdier than original NinjaFlex but is able to bend repeatedly and at extreme angles unlike PLA or ABS. Although NinjaFlex SemiFlex is flexible it may take a few moments to spring back to its exact shape after it has been flexed and stretched. As for level of detail, it appears to be close to on part with standard filaments as we were able to print a nut and bolt with NinjaFlex SemiFlex that do work together well.


We found NinjaFlex SemiFlex to be a great filament for people who who want a printed part to be both flexible and durable while being able to hold its shape. It is an easier to use filament than standard NinjaFlex because it feeds easier and is naturally able to do finer details well.

If you are looking to purchase NinjaFlex SemiFlex in Canada then check it out here.

If you have any questions about the filament and what it is compatible with be sure to let us know.

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    • We did some testing with SemiFlex and the Replicator 5th Generation when SemiFlex first came out and didn’t have any success. We were able to get it to feed through the Smart Extruder via a load command but as soon as it paused and we either tried to load again or start a print it jammed.

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